How to Take Pictures of Your Nails

Macro IconThe majority of people have digital cameras and cell phones to take any photos. However, have you ever tried to take a close-up photo of your nails and had your camera not be able to figure out what to focus on? This is very common problem and the first suggestion we have is always take your pictures a little farther away then use a photo editing program to crop and resize.

What often happens is when you get too close the nails picture will blur. If you're tired of blurred pictures look at the Macro setting on your camera and how to use it. Here is what you need to do to get a great close-up shot of your nails!

1. Prepare your nails that you would like to get a close-up photograph of.

2. Remember the Tulip? The macro icon on most digital cameras is represen ted mainly as Tulip or universal flower symbol. Set your camera to the Macro(flower) mode. This tells your camera that you want to be very close to the subject you are going to photograph and allows the lens to focus a very short distance.

3. Looking through the viewfind er or LCD screen, fit the nails you are wanting to photograph snugly into it. You can either use the zoom to get your subject in there or get your camera in close(about 3inches/9cm) and not use your zoom.

4. Push down the shutter button half-way and get your nails in focus. You may have to adjust your position or the lighting to get the better photo. Don't get frustrated, just move the camera back a little or forward some or shine a light on your nails until you figure out what will bring it into focus.

5. Once you find nails in focus, push all the way down on the shutter while keeping the camera steady. When you're done shooting your close-ups, turn off the macro mode or your normal photos will be blurry. The other suggestion is to simply put your hand on your scanner! This one works very well because it gets all the details you want and the picture is always clear. If you have some new nail art pictures to share, please send them and share with others on Naillo

Love, Naillo

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